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Health Benefits of Owning a Spa

It is a well-known fact that throughout history people have been attracted to water for their recovery of injury and maintenance of health. But regular soaking shouldn’t be considered an extravagance. Reality is, spa therapy can make a huge difference in your health and quality of daily living. Today many of us are faced with serious health issues, including loss of mobility, chronic diseases, depression, and premature death. Immersion and movement in water is an ideal way to improve health and combat the onset of disease or immobility.

From Stress Relief to Reduction of Swelling...​

1) Fight off emotional stresses: Everyday life can provide many emotional stresses including anxiety, fatigue, poor energy levels, and lack of sleep and far too often we revert to treating these with medications or worse, habits like over eating, smoking, alcohol, or drugs. These unhealthy coping mechanisms can place added stresses on our bodies and lives. Evidence shows that immersion in warm soothing water reduces the effects of stress naturally, contributing to improved mental health and ability to cope with negative challenges.

​2) Cardio vascular improvements: When we are in the water, our heart pumps more blood per beat. So, our pulse rate increases in warmer temperatures whether we are exerting ourselves or not. Although the arteries and veins are being compressed from the water pressure, they also must adjust to the higher output from the heart. The arteries expand (dilate), working against the water pressure to allow higher blood volume to move throughout the body. Therefore, when a person is immersed in warm water, the heart is working harder. People of all ages benefit from increased blood flow when immersed in shoulder-depth water. Like any type of physical routine, regular immersion can improve the heart’s ability to perform.

​3) Decreased Healing/Recovery Times: Healing happens faster as blood flow to the injured location increases. The same is similar to recovering muscle and joint tissue. More blood flow means more nutrients are available to help cells regenerate in order to speed the healing process. Immersion also increases joint mobility, reduces joint stiffness, and increases flexibility and range of motion.

​4) Reduction of Swelling: When our bodies are immersed, water exerts pressure on our body. This increased pressure tends to reduce swelling while the increased blood flow will improve healing. For example, our ankles and feet are less likely to swell in water than on land.

​5) The buoyancy of the water provides significant and unique benefits: Immersion in water reduces the amount of weight we bear on our joints due to gravity. The result is we feel lighter in water. Activities that can be painful on land are easier in water. The resistance increases depending on how fast we move against the water and this graded resistance can help increase range of motion as well as decrease pain.

​6) Improved nervous system responses: The body’s nervous system is designed to respond to
physical or emotional threats or “stresses” as part of our survival instinct. Long term stress is unhealthy
and has been linked to many causes of disease and damage to our bodies. Alternatively the nervous
system can also help us relax after the threat has passed. When immersed in warm, massaging waters,
the nervous system responds positively and these damaging effects can be reversed.

​7) The social impact of soaking in a spa can promote a sense of well being while providing a place to reconnect with family and friends in the comfort and enjoyment of your own backyard. Canspa Spas also come with optional AM/FM CD stereo systems with built-in adjustable loudspeakers for those who want to add musical enjoyment or a party environment to your spa experience.

​8) Aromatherapy: Aromatherapy is a form of alternative medicine that uses essential oils and other aromatic compounds for the purpose of altering a person’s mind, mood, cognitive function or health. Canspa’s aromatherapy harnesses that power through scented beads designed to create an instant aromatic mood or sensation, so breath deep, relax and allow spirit-lifting scents to transport you.

​9) Listening to sounds of nature including those of a cascading waterfall can help you unwind while the waterfall reduces or blocks out background noise allowing for full relaxation. This can lead improved focus, attention span, and memory . Most Canspa spas come with an optional “Waterfall” component. Close your eyes and listen to the healing sounds of a one of nature’s most beautiful and serene settings, the waterfall.

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