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Hot Tub Sales

It is a well-known fact that throughout history people have been attracted to water for their recovery of injury and maintenance of health. But regular soaking shouldn’t be considered an extravagance. Reality is, spa therapy can make a huge difference in your health and quality of daily living. 

Today many of us are faced with serious health issues, including loss of mobility, chronic diseases, depression, and premature death. Immersion and movement in water is an ideal way to improve health and combat the onset of disease or immobility.

We offer a variety of models from the Canspa line of hot tubs

Personalize your spa with a wide range of colours

Here are just a few suggestions in addition to what is illustrated above.

Available Optional Features

Stainless Steel Trim Package

Canspa's stainless steel trim package adds a luxurious finishing touch to your spa and increases its value.

Composite Skirt

Premium quality composite surround option looks like wood, but is the perfect choice for those who prefer something maintenance-free.


The LED lighting systems allow you to enjoy all the effects Canspa's hot tubs have to offer.

AM/FM Tuner

AM/FM Tuner and CD Player are integrated into the cabinet.


Experience the healing sounds of a cascading waterfall.

CD Player

Multi-functional CD Player control panel with user friendly buttons.

Salt Generator

The salt generator offers crystal clear water for just pennies a month, with no harsh chemicals and reduces draining frequency -- a convenient option to maintain your spa's water balance and quality.

​Fight off emotional stresses: Everyday life can provide many emotional stresses including anxiety, fatigue, poor energy levels, and lack of sleep and far too often we revert to treating these with medications or worse, habits like over eating, smoking, alcohol, or drugs. These unhealthy coping mechanisms can place added stresses on our bodies and lives. Evidence shows that immersion in warm soothing water reduces the effects of stress naturally, contributing to improved mental health and ability to cope with negative challenges.

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