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Let me do the work ... You enjoy your spa...​


Hot Tub Maintenance & Repairs

Whether it's a regular maintenance of chemical balancing, tub cleaning and general care, or if you have a problem with your existing hot tub and need repairs, Norm has been working with hot tubs in both fields for over 10 years and can work with any make or model.

Call to see how little it is to let Norm do the work while you enjoy the spa.  Cottagers... your tub will await you in perfect balance when you arrive... you don't have to worry.

Or.. if you own and tub and are going away - let Norm look after things for you while you are gone.  Call for quotes.

  • Weekly / bi-weekly water analysis
  • Chemical Balancing
  • Bromine - Chlorine - Salt Water
  • Cleaning - Winterizing - Start-up
  • Small Repairs
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